Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Choo Choo! Toby is Two!

We had a small family gathering this past weekend to Celebrate my littles much anticipated 2nd Birthday!  A big fan of Choo Choo Trains, the theme was a no brainer.  

Of course this Choo Choo cake we had made at Society Bakery was delicious and quickly devoured...

A family portrait from every birthday is a must!  Next year, we will have a baby brother in the family photo as well. 

 "Aunt Pippy" and "Uncle Frenchie" along with Toby's sweet cousins came over to celebrate!

 The Fam...

No day is complete without a little came of Hockey.  After all, he is half Canadian!

 I found this darling conductor Jon Jon at Hip Hip Hooray which they custom monogrammed. His new truck keeps him entertained for hours. 

A post celebration kiss for his cousin, who will celebrate her 2nd birthday just 5 weeks after his.  Having them so close together has been such an amazing experience. 

A good bye kiss for one of his most treasured...Bob Bob. 

His Aunt Kim seems to be making a tradition of adding to his Herend figurine Collection at special occasions, which I certainly am not complaining about ;)

Photography By John Cain Sargent.  I always love his photos!

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