Friday, July 27, 2012

Foodie Friday: Rise No 1

If you haven't had lunch at Rise yet, give it a try.  The menu consists of delicious soups and soufflés both sweet and savory!  The atmosphere is like no other place in Dallas - it is so cozy and unique.  Even on a hot day like today I still craved a bowl of their delicious soup.  The owner, Hedda, is such a delight as well.  I had a girls lunch there today and we really enjoyed ourselves.
1. Strawberry Soufflé - Delish and they say only 122 calories 2. leave with a "thought of the day" - this was mine
3. Fresh french bed straight out of the oven is delivered to the table upon arrival 4.  The "Marshmallow" soup is one of my favorites ever - it is a tomato and carrot soup topped with souffléd goat cheese "marshmallows"

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