Friday, June 15, 2012

Graduation Party

I had been looking forward to graduation for so long!  I was ready to have my MBA (and a life)!  One of the things I planned to do in my new found free time, that I would have normally spent studying, is create a blog!  In the spirit of graduation, here are some photos from the party that my parents threw for Krystal (my sister) and I.  

 This was our graduation cake! A tribute to my career as a Realtor is made on one side of the cake, and the other side was decorated to honor Krystals Bachelors of Arts. 
This cake was a surprise from our Mom, who designed it along with the sweet and talented ladies at Frosted Art in Dallas 
 Frosted Art also make us the SMU cheesecake Cake Balls.  They were delicious!
We served a version of these at Troy and I's wedding last May. 
 This is my husband, Troy, and I.  He is so sweet and was a huge support all the way through school.
 Thanks Mom and Dad for this fun celebration!
 We gave bags of uptown popcorn as party favors. Delicious!
 We were able to use the napkins that we used at our wedding.  That night the "K" stood for my new last name - Kloewer - (which sounds like Claver by the way - rhymes with paver and flavor). On this night, it stood for Kari and Krystal!
 From Left to Right : Troy, myself, Krystal (my sister and other graduate), and Matt Cain (her boyfriend, who also graduated from the MBA program with me)  Congratulations to you both!  By the way, Krystal is one of my inspirations to create a blog - hers is so fantastic! She is a fashion inspiration as well!
 My sister in law Kathy was so sweet to come in town from Houston to celebrate.  This is her on the far left.  My sister Kimberly is next to me, who is an entertaining expert and was a huge help in planning the party.  
My mom and dad found these glasses and got them for the party.  They went with our red and blue SMU color theme.  We also had matching martini glasses which we served my all time favorite cocktail from, lychee martinis!
 the outside tables had simple floral with red gerber daisies in red and blue vases.  Kim got these vases for her SMU graduation party years ago and since then we have used them for my brother, Kirbys, graduation from SMU, my SMU undergrad party, and again on this night.  Good buy, Kim.
Thank you to Susan Hudson Photography for taking photos of the party!


  1. So proud of both of my precious sisters and their new degrees! I am so thrilled that you finally started blogging Kari!!!! xoxo

  2. Thanks for the idea for the popcorn! Just placed an order today for my daughters birthday party