Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekend Open House: Highland Park Hip Pocket

Take a look at this hip pocket, which also happens to be my sister and brother - in -laws house.  We plan on putting it officially on the market in September, but until then we are marketing it to my office without putting it in MLS.  Their house was featured in Traditional Home and here are some photos and captions from the article.  

Their library is one of my favorite ones I have ever seen!  
The article also features a photo of my dog-niece, Lola.

"The refined yet restful atmosphere is equally suitable for cocktail parties or 
rainy-day reading marathons." - Traditional Home

An admirer of red-lacquered libraries, Justin Whitman wanted a “bold, shiny” room of his own. Conceding that a bright red room would be jarring with the subtle scheme of the rest of the house, the couple opted for high-gloss navy blue.

Rich woods and luminous metallics glow against the deep navy in the library.

The pale-coral guest bedroom—complete with tufted bench and silk window treatments—was transplanted from one of Kimberly’s previous homes.

Yellows pop against soothing neutrals in the living room. A Murano-glass bowl accompanies an eye-catching urn on a coffee table from Maison Jansen.

An ultra-elegant buffet by Maxime Old continues the clean lines and refined sense of the living room.

Designer Jan Showers veiled windows behind silvery-blue silk draperies. Antique mirrors hang on either side of the bed directly atop the fabric.

A piece by artist Rusty Scruby hangs over the white console, adding textural interest to the master bedroom.

Lola, the Chihuahua, protects her well-earned status as resident “bed hog.”

Interior designer: Jan Showers, Jan Showers & Associates Inc., 1308 Slocum St., Dallas, TX 75207; 214/747-5252,

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last year to be a true Dallasite you had to have attended a game at Cowboys Stadium, lunched at The Zodiac at Neiman Marcus, or attended Cattle Barron's Ball. In 2012, to call yourself a true Dallasite, you must take a drive on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.   

Next time you are in need of a nice Sunday afternoon drive - go check it out.  Troy and I did, and these are some photos that I snapped from my sunroof.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Maintenance Monday: Eat Your Veggies!

We all know that eating fruits and veggies is essential to maintaining our health, and not to mention our figures.  If you haven't jumped on the whole "juicing" band wagon yet, this place might just make you do so!  Troy and I both had our virgin juicing experience today at The Juice Bar Dallas, and it won't be our last.
Tom Hennings, the owner,  was super nice and friendly and was so helpful to us in making our selections.  I tried the "C-Blast" made of oranges, kale, lemon, and mint leaves (the green one below) and Troy had "The Hottie" (so fitting) made of carrots, oranges, ginger, and cayenne pepper (the orange one below).  Honestly, when I first got my drink its color kind of scared me - it was green - but it was truly delicious!  It tasted like orange juice more than kale or mint.   I'm browsing the menu now, to select tomorrows breakfast.

Head over to the Inwood Village Shopping Center taste it for yourself - it will make a great afternoon snack, or breakfast or lunch on the go.

taken on my iPhone

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekend Open House! 3625 Bryn Mawr

I adore our listing at 3625 Bryn Mawr! It is brand spankin new construction by Tatum Brown Custom Homes.  This is one of those houses that will be hard for me to sell - first, because it will sell itself, second, because I want to keep it for myself! Whoever snags this place will be living the glam life.  I adore the gray wood floors, the floor to ceiling windows, and the open floor plan.  When it is time to celebrate, imagine the parities that can take place in this house! 

Here are some more photos that didn't make my flyer...
family room, open to kitchen

Wet Bar / Butlers Pantry complete with a full size champagne and wine fridge

the courtyard outside the front door is so charming!
formal dining area with glass doors that open to front yard
entry from garage has workspace, storage cubbies for coats and backpacks, and easy access upstairs
For more info on this home, click here!
Photos by quick pics

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Sandals

Happy first day of Summer! I picked up these Kate Spade sandals on sale at Neiman Marcus last week.  I wore them all day Sunday and all day yesterday.  They are so comfy - I truly felt like I didn't even have shoes on.  I think the flowers are so fun for summer! There are a few versions of them still available.  The black and white ones are also adorable!  I always keep my eye out for a shoe like this to wear on those hot summer days when I will be showing houses all day - my feet won't hurt, I'll stay cool, and still look put together.

photo from

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wedding Cake Balls

I found a photo of the cake balls that we served at our wedding, that I referred to in my post about the graduation party last week.  We thought this was a fun way to serve something sweet at the seated dinner, while still leaving room for cake later in the evening.  
Photo taken by Jason Wynn
Schlegel - Kloewer Wedding May 7, 2011

Monday, June 18, 2012

Maintenance Monday

I was not blessed with the ability to paint my own nails!  But, I love keeping them polished - it comes with the territory of being a Realtor  (I'm still working on the big hair part)!

Pampered Soles has become my favorite place for a Manicure and Pedicure.

I was in a rush so I stopped in for a polish change. It only took $7 and matter of minutes to have perfectly fresh polished hands.

It is so fun to choose from the huge selection of nail colors on the polish wall...

and, you can even choose from designer brands such as Chanel ,YSL, and Dior.

Even though I love the fashion forward colors that Chanel makes, and OPI's clever names,  I usually choose Essie because I find that it stays on my nails the longest.

Today, I was in the mood for red and went with Too Too Hot ...

When you have some extra time and are in the need of relaxation get the hot rock pedicure . It's my personal favorite.

I have known Thao, the owner of Pampered Soles for years!  Customer Service has always been on the top of her priority list and the salon always feels clean.  Even though the salon is always busy, I've never had to wait past my appointment time.  She keeps a large selection of current magazines (old magazines at nail salons and drs offices send me crazy) so its a nice place to catch up on reading!  They always offer a cold beverage as well!  You sit in the comfort of a lazy boy while getting your treatment and each can be separated by a curtain to provide privacy.

Oh and as I side note, I encourage males to get their nails done.  Especially their feet!  gross.  There is one important man in my life in particular - I won't name any names as promised - who I can sometimes talk into going with me and he feels pretty comfortable there.  It's fun to make a date night out of it and take a bottle of wine in with you.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad!  I can't imagine having a better father.  He is one of the most kind hearted people I know.  He is a do-er - always doing something to try and make the life of someone around him better.

Sometimes we call my Dad "Big Perm" - he as curly hair in the back.  We say his hairstyle is like "business in the front, and a party in the back" which is very fitting for him, because although he is a business man, he is also very fun loving.

This fathers day we are giving my dad a Peter Millar shirt - if you  haven't gotten these for any of the men in your life yet, you should. There are tons of fun patterns. They also make really fun swim trunks.  He is also getting a 2 lbs pound bag of twizzlers (one of his favorite candies) which I randomly found at bed bath and beyond the other day. The grand finale is an ipad from all of us kids, loaded with his favorite music, some movies we thought he would enjoy, summer reading, and apps so he can read his favorite news papers and follow his stocks.  (I guess I shouldn't tell him about my new blog until after he opens his gifts)

I will always be grateful for him.  We have so many fun memories and many more to come!  One day I will certainly never forget was my wedding day, and how special my dad made it.  Another recent memory was him giving me my diploma at graduation, which was a big surprise for me.


Photo taken by Donna Newman
This is my dad and I after our father daughter dance at Troy and I's wedding.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Graduation Party

I had been looking forward to graduation for so long!  I was ready to have my MBA (and a life)!  One of the things I planned to do in my new found free time, that I would have normally spent studying, is create a blog!  In the spirit of graduation, here are some photos from the party that my parents threw for Krystal (my sister) and I.  

 This was our graduation cake! A tribute to my career as a Realtor is made on one side of the cake, and the other side was decorated to honor Krystals Bachelors of Arts. 
This cake was a surprise from our Mom, who designed it along with the sweet and talented ladies at Frosted Art in Dallas 
 Frosted Art also make us the SMU cheesecake Cake Balls.  They were delicious!
We served a version of these at Troy and I's wedding last May. 
 This is my husband, Troy, and I.  He is so sweet and was a huge support all the way through school.
 Thanks Mom and Dad for this fun celebration!
 We gave bags of uptown popcorn as party favors. Delicious!
 We were able to use the napkins that we used at our wedding.  That night the "K" stood for my new last name - Kloewer - (which sounds like Claver by the way - rhymes with paver and flavor). On this night, it stood for Kari and Krystal!
 From Left to Right : Troy, myself, Krystal (my sister and other graduate), and Matt Cain (her boyfriend, who also graduated from the MBA program with me)  Congratulations to you both!  By the way, Krystal is one of my inspirations to create a blog - hers is so fantastic! She is a fashion inspiration as well!
 My sister in law Kathy was so sweet to come in town from Houston to celebrate.  This is her on the far left.  My sister Kimberly is next to me, who is an entertaining expert and was a huge help in planning the party.  
My mom and dad found these glasses and got them for the party.  They went with our red and blue SMU color theme.  We also had matching martini glasses which we served my all time favorite cocktail from, lychee martinis!
 the outside tables had simple floral with red gerber daisies in red and blue vases.  Kim got these vases for her SMU graduation party years ago and since then we have used them for my brother, Kirbys, graduation from SMU, my SMU undergrad party, and again on this night.  Good buy, Kim.
Thank you to Susan Hudson Photography for taking photos of the party!